iStudiez Pro – version 1.3

App Name: iStudiez Pro – version 1.3
Devices: iPad, iPhone/iPod, Mac, Windows
Price: Apple Products: $2.99; Windows: $9.99
Developer: iStudiez Team

I’ve recently reviewed this app; however, it was for a different version of the application. I still stand by my last review that it is one of the best planner apps that I have used to this day!

There are so many features that I love about this app and the one I still love the most is the GPA tracker. When you enter in assignments and/or tasks you can enter grades into them once completed and if it is only a task, I will not enter a grade that makes it not go towards your GPA (which is great for keeping me on top of readings for classes!). When you put in assignments there is an option for priority. I use the priority system (low, normal, and high) as low being a task that doesn’t require a grade, normal being just an assignment, and high being a quiz or project. Once you enter in a grade for an assignment it adjusts your GPA based on the grading scale you have for classes. If you wish to not track your GPA and only keep an eye on your assignments/tasks you can turn grades off.

Talking about the grading scale, the grading scale based on the entire program can be customizable! You can customize it by points, letters, or percent. The only thing about that is you can only choose one, which is a nuisance sometimes because if you have a few classes using letters and then another using points and your preferences is on letters, you have to adjust the grading scale for that class based on what you have set for the program. For example I had to go through and figure out percentages for once class because the professor used points instead of letter grading scale (which letter grading is the default most professors/teachers use to this day).

Now when it comes to having classes we all know that most of them are broken off into semesters. Which iStudiez pro allows for the planner to break each semester into their own while continuing to track grades and give you your semester and overall GPA. Once you create a semester you can start adding courses and inputting the schedule for each class. Which say your class meets on Tuesday and Thursday with a study table on Friday you can have the class meet time separate from the study group time. Plus where you input the schedule is where you also input the exam schedule (and yes the exams you can also input a grade and it tracks the grade).

Now another great feature, one I use to use but haven’t used it since I transferred to the University of Toledo, is the calendar integration. I used it because the app would even remind me when I had an appointment in the writing center or even remind me of a student government meeting I had that day. I stopped using it because it would doubly remind me of classes because I had my class schedule in my calendar app in my Google calendar that I had integrated. I never have really gotten back into using the calendar integration since transferring to UT because I really haven’t gotten really active on campus, once I do again I probably will try it again.

Notifications are what make this app great because if I am not ahead of my game and I am neck deep into homework, the app has icons that will let you know that you have an assignment due. Like most apps if you have a notification you’ll see a number in a red circle on the icon, well with iStudiez if you have two assignments due within the next day or week there will be that notification for each assignment you have due. In the preferences of the app you are able to set that to show either on the day of the due date, a day to a week before the assignment is due. The icon notification will not away until the assignment is marked complete. Which is great if you in a 16 credit hour class and you are going from one assignment to another.

When I first got the app I only had an iPad that I used it on. Eventually I had gotten me a new iPod touch and I found that I could have the app on my iPod as well. Then recently I bought a Mac and got the app on there as well. That’s three devices that have the iStudiez Pro app on them, cloud syncing helps with keeping the data on each device. As long as each device is on WiFi, the syncing does it’s magic and data isn’t lost.

Obviously you can see that I really love this app. So much that I hope that you take the time out to go to the app store or windows store and download the program on any iOS or OSX device or your Windows laptop to have an electronic planner. It has helped me from having so many books in book bag! I highly recommend this app!


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